German agency ranking: mgm still in the top 10

Constant on average: For the fourth time in five years mgm is among the top 10 in the Internet agency ranking of the Association...

Digitalisation platform for industrial insurance – GGW and mgm enter into partnership

Short & concise Industrial insurance brokers GGW and mgm technology partners have been working closely together on a project-based basis since the beginning of...

The ideal scrum master

In recent years almost all companies have jumped on the agile bandwagon. Some big and fast, others cautious and slow. Every company has hired Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches themselves or has commissioned external service providers to fill these roles. But where and how do you actually find good Scrum Master / Agile Coaches?

Project Portfolio Management – The 5 most important questions companies should ask after the...

After the crisis is before the crisis. Economically, Corona has led to heavy losses, which almost all companies more or less feel. In addition,...

Agile Coaching remote – Podcast and interview with Jan Konopka & Victor Wenzel

Remote is the future of work - a thesis that is not only inevitably coming to fruition due to the Corona crisis, but is also being understood in this way by more and more people, especially younger employees. But what does this mean for the work of consultants? Eva-Lotte Gnüg talks about this with Agile Coaches Victor Wenzel and Jan Konopka, who believe that Agile Coaching also works wonderfully remotely.

Caring instead of controlling – how to navigate your team through stormy times

Remote leadership requires managers to have a special empathy for the situations of employees. You do not have to develop superpowers, but more humanity will do you and your team good.

Leadership and beliefs – Podcast and interview with Eva-Lotte Gnüg and Matthias Uebel

Belief systems in an organisational context are part of every corporate culture. These have a considerable influence on the implementation of changes in the...

Remote Work: How leaders can motivate employees in the home office – Podcast and...

Remote workers can quickly feel isolated and lonely in the home office. Managers have a special responsibility for motivation within the team. What otherwise creates personal interaction and communication in terms of motivation must now be achieved remotely through other approaches. How do you motivate employees remotely?

Remote Leadership – Coordination creates serenity and team spirit

The current work situation presents managers with a major coordination task. But by reflecting with the right questions they can create orientation, calm and team spirit.

Automation of underwriting decisions for transportation risks?

The specifics of rules, context, structured data and the possibilities of automation in transportation insurance by Alexander Stolte, Senior Underwriter and Business Analyst