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One-off Projects Are Not Enough!

A one-off project approach to developing digital business applications is no longer in keeping with the times. Digital business applications need to be constantly adapted to new requirements. They must enable different business ideas to be trialed and competitors’ good ideas to be adopted swiftly.

Is Your Management Still Asking the Wrong Questions?

“Waterfall or agile?” is the question that has been driving the executive floors of German firms to despair for some time.

The Scrum Master – More than just a Moderator!

Agile methods like Scrum are increasingly gaining ground at German companies. Scrum is rated especially highly in the eCommerce environment, where a short time...

Smart Mobility: Waiting for the Airbnb of Mobility

In this interview with the mgm editors Per-Alexander Zimmermann and Thies Rathmann report on the challenges that mobility platforms face in Germany.

Digital Thinking Between Redbrick Walls and Steel Girders

Follow-up Report on the “Driving Digital Transformation” Topic Track at 2017 A disused engineering works in north Hamburg – the organizers of the

“Digitization is not just the use of technology”

How do you get from an idea to a customized product as quickly as possible? Carsten Klingels, Head of Digital IT at E.ON Business...

“Dealing with digitization is like learning a new language”

How is one to succeed in making a 125-year-old, globally active large corporation fit for digital change? In her talk “How do win the...

„It’s the people that make the difference“

In the interactive lecture by Herwig Fölster, visitors of can experience what makes agile projects successful and what a "serving project management" does....

„IT and business form a unit. This must be felt and wanted“

How do you recognize a hype? What does IT really need today to work in line with the business? And what are the results...

mgm publishes Smart Mobility Study

Carsharing, bike sharing, e-scooters, public transport - especially in urban areas, your own car is no longer the only means of transport. An increasing...