Whitepapers and external publications in journals

mgm publication on the topic multichannel in the E-3 Magazin

With his short essay “Is multi tool/multi service the best path to multichannel?” in the latest edition of the E-3 Magazin (2016-11), Dr. Daniel...

mgm in the Bitkom report: „Germany – Excellence in Big Data“

mgm has been listed as one of 60 technology providers in the recently published report „Germany – Excellence in Big Data“. The report from...

Article: Data driven innovation with Big Data prototypes

mgm Big Data experts Stephanie Fischer and Dr. Christian Winkler discuss the importance of data driven decisions and innovation for companies with regard to technical and organizational matters

The role of IT architecture in times of the digital creation of value

Article in German by our colleagues Olaf Terhorst and Dr. Dimitris Matalliotakis in the journal „Management Inspirationen“.

HTML 5 Security (Article in iX 1/2013)

In connection with the Web standard HTML5, developers have made a lot of effort in terms of security. But new features result in growing...

Current distribution of HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

The document (in German) shows results of a study about the distribution of HSTS Server Response-Headers among the one million most visited websites worldwide, the subset of 40.000 German websites and 424 German online banking websites.