Papers and articles about security and web applications

techblog article: „Network and Server Security for JIRA and Confluence“

JIRA and Confluence are being used in many companies as an issue-tracking system and wiki software for exchanging knowledge. They contain confidential information and...

New tech blog article: “Increasing the Portability of a Linux Application”

"Dependency Hell par excellence" - The huge diversity of Linux distributions is a serious problem for software producers. The blog article "Increasing the Portability...

Automated driving – lecture on data security and liability

At the European Data Forum in Luxembourg two conference days were entirely devoted to Big Data. Industry experts discussed, with researchers, political decision makers and representatives from community projects, the challenges of the emerging data-driven economy.

Securing your Password Database with bcrypt

Do you also spend sleepless nights because you have saved the passwords of your users in clear text or near-clear text (MD5)? We will show you a simple method how you can smoothly migrate your password database to a much more secure format. The transition is transparent to the users and instant, i.e. as soon [...]

HTML 5 Security (Article in iX 1/2013)

In connection with the Web standard HTML5, developers have made a lot of effort in terms of security. But new features result in growing...