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Review of the K5

This year’s K5 Future Retail Conference took place in Berlin in July. Those who were unable to attend at the time now have the opportunity to watch a whole series of lectures on YouTube.

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Active community on all channels

Creating a seamless Omnichannel experience is a major challenge, especially for medium-sized retailers. The magazine “Retail Technology” presents some successful concepts from the photographic industry.

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Why even the “big ones” reach their limits in e-commerce with PIM

The customer journey in online retailing is becoming increasingly complex. More and more touchpoints have to be served in order to offer customers an outstanding shopping experience on all channels. This presents both retailers and manufacturers with new challenges. Christian Junker, CEO of loadbee, explains in a guest article in the magazine “Internet World” why content syndication platforms can be helpful here.

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Echo chamber

The establishment of virtual assistants opens up a new channel for retailers to reach their customers. Axel Reichmann of Google explains in a guest article in the “Handelsjournal” how retailers can use this channel.

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In-store retail on the upswing

According to the “Global Consumer Insights Survey 2018” conducted by management consultants PwC, over-the-counter retail continues to play a major role for German consumers. For example, 60 percent of the consumers surveyed currently shop at a stationary store at least once a week. Three years ago, the proportion was only 46 percent.

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#Online Grocery

Waitrose While You’re Away in-home delivery service

Delivery to the customer is one of the biggest challenges of online grocery. Waitrose & Partners is the first British grocery retailer to experiment with the possibility of delivering ordered goods directly to the refrigerator – while the customer is not at home.

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Top 3 B2B digital challenges organizations face, and how to fix them

Building a compelling shopping experience in B2B e-commerce is a major challenge. In his contribution to “The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce”, Sonny Dasgupta describes the biggest stumbling blocks.

>> The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce

What comes after Contorion in B2B e-commerce?

Alexander Graf, operator of the e-commerce blog “Kassenzone”, and Lennart Paul, publisher of “Warenausgang”, discuss the development of B2B e-commerce in a joint podcast and look back on the past 12 to 18 months.

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#Marketplaces & Platforms

Age of Ecommerce Empires: Mapping the World’s Top Online Marketplaces

Amazon is the dominant online marketplace in Germany. However, the US-American retail group is by no means the benchmark everywhere in the world. “Website Builder Expert” has created a map that shows the most visited marketplace for the majority of countries worldwide.

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Cross-Border E-Commerce: A good start is half the battle!

How does the expansion of your own online business abroad succeed? Management consultant Ed Hensen gives valuable tips in a guest article in the magazine “Onlinehändler-News”.

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E-Commerce: How Switzerland shops

How has the purchasing behaviour of the Swiss changed since 2010? The Federal Statistical Office of the Alpine country has now published a study and found out, among other things: Online purchases of travel tickets, apps and software have increased sharply.

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