Insurance Weekly News: CW 25

Insurance Weekly News CW 25

Overview of the latest insurance news


Axa and ING Diba: joint platform for insurance sales (GER)

New cooperation in the industry, part one: Digitalization brings insurers and banks closer together. Axa now cooperates with the Dutch bank ING. Together they are building a digital platform for the distribution of Axa insurance products in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Australia.

WM 2018: How the tournament is insured (GER)

A major sporting event such as the World Cup in Russia involves numerous risks – for the host country and the organisers, sponsors and TV broadcasters, and not least for every single football player or fan. Insurers such as AGCS are then important partners in such events.

Alliance for used cars (GER)

New cooperation in the industry, part two: Allianz will work together with Auto 1, the online marketplace for used cars. The insurer expects this to generate growth for its core business.

Companies neglect cyber protection because of DSGVO (GER)

The specialist insurer Hiscox concludes in a recent study that German companies are overwhelmed with cyber security planning. One reason why companies neglect cyber protection is the DSGVO.

Two digital pioneers work together (GER)

New cooperation in the industry, part three: Insurtech Friendsurance has added the digital health insurer Ottonova to its portfolio. Both companies want to address new online-related customers through this cooperation.

AGCS offers new reputation protection (GER)

The Allianz industrial insurer AGCS has now drilled out its reputation insurance and added new coverage modules. The company not only covers the costs of crisis communication, but for the first time also covers the loss of profit due to damage to its reputation.


Zurich working with Apple on new broker app

Zurich has worked with Apple since the autumn of 2017 on a new app. The app will help brokers cement relationships with existing clients, cross-sell and save time liaising with colleagues.

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