Since the beginning of 2012, ELSTER has offered the possibility of using the identity card with eID function (nPA) for proof of identity during registration to be able to register quickly and securely for ELSTER without a PIN letter. However, this registration method still resulted in a certificate-based access (e.g. log-in with certificate file) to ELSTER.

With the latest release of ELSTER (go-live at the end of March) the possibilities of using the ID card have been extended. The ID card can now be used directly as an additional medium for authentication (log-in option). The first time you log in with your ID card, it is now automatically added to an existing user account (registration with IdNr) as an additional login option. If no user account exists for the particular identification number, one is automatically created during the first log-in with the ID card.

In addition to the log-in, data transmission (e.g. for tax returns) and data retrieval (e.g. as part of the pre-filled tax return) can now also be done by means of the identity card. The use of a certificate file (or a hard token such as a security stick or signature card) is no longer required.

These new functions promote the use of the ID card with its eID function and enable citizens to use ELSTER more comfortably.

Image source: Fotolia / stadtratte