Robotics with Raspberry Pi – mgm hackathon in Munich and Cologne

mgm hackathon #01, mgm technology partners, Frankfurter Ring 105a, Munich & Hohenstaufenring 30-32, Cologne

Speeding robots, unsettled infrared sensors, pizza, drinks and smart code – the first mgm hackathon took place in Munich and Cologne on the 5th of April. We would like to thank all participants for a nice, enjoyable and instructive evening!

„Drive along a line. If you arrive at an obstacle, turn around and drive back along the line“, was the task for the autonomously controlled robots. Before first runs on the test tracks though, the robots had to be assembled from boards, screws and plain spacers as well as to be programmed.
The teams started equipped with precision mechanic tools, Pi2Go kits, Raspberry Pis and a lot of sensitivity. When the three-wheeled robot frameworks were fully wired, the first tests and tuning experiments in Python started. How do sensors work? Which speed of the two motors is most suitable? In which distance to the obstacle should the robot stop and start the turnaround? The pizza break, besides others, offered the opportunity to exchange experiences.

After that, one refined algorithms, different speeds were tested and test drives performed. The participants almost reverently watched the small vehicles, watched how these orientated towards the curvy line again and again or sometimes altogether left the route, ignored obstacles or speeded unchecked. This evening’s insights were: Sensors deliver unreliable outliers, too, and autonomous driving is no walk in the park!